Sara Kelley


Artist & Pet Lover

Stand Up

In 2015, I put a short video together of some of my art. I wish to acknowledge some of the people in that video, that either own or inspired my work. They include:

Meredith, Tilia, & Jim Brown
Brooke Reedy
Bliss Kelly-Loree
Maralee & Jerry Self
Rick Hiben
David Szalay
Joy Barrett
Rosie & Mark Roerick
Jaki Martinez
Alan Brown
Sue Hanson
Kelsey Hatch
Jane & Jeff Thorpe
Kandy Tate
Brenda Maruca

The Road Home

The Road Home

In special memory of Thomas Robert Loree, my late step father, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 1993. He was an artist also, and was loading his painting supplies in his car on the side of a dirt road in Santa Fe when the crash occurred. He was 57 years old, & just getting ready to retire from Los Alamos National Labs.

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